About Me

I'm a generalist who likes to work on the end-end product lifecycle. Have been a consultant, product manager, full stack developer, software architect, research and development lead throughout my career thereby wearing multiple hats.

I also advise/consult businesses both on various domains including Digital Transformation, Cloud Native Architecture, GraphQL, Microservices, Cybersecurity, SEO, SRE, UI/UX, Product Management, Content Strategy, Leadership, Full Stack Development, Time Management, and Productivity.

This is the motto i try to live by:

Contact Details

Vignesh T.V.
No.43, Veeramani Nagar,
2nd Cross Street, Nanmangalam, Chennai - 600061

[email protected]


Algoshred Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, CEO & CTO Nov 2022 - Present

We are technology experts who believe that technology should be a tool to solve your problem, not the problem by itself. We can help translate your vision into real digital products or help you maintain or build on products you already have as part of your ecosystem essentially solving business problems with technology.

Visit https://algoshred.com to know more.

Headshot Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, CEO & CTO Feb 2022 - Present

We are marketing experts who specialize in connecting the dots between supply and demand. We can help communicate the vision of your business, build its brand, and find the right audience from the right place at the right time

Visit https://headshotmarketing.com to know more.

BurdenOff Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, CEO, CTO January 2022 - Present

We are a holding company acting as a headwater to some of the amazing businesses of today. We aim to create a revolution to empower every life through continuous innovation, delivery, and feedback

Visit https://burdenoff.com to know more.

Timecampus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founder, CEO, CTO Aug 2019 - Present

We help people and businesses to Observe, Analyse & Optimise the time they spend everyday.

1) Keep track of the time you spend everyday
2) Understand your behaviour and analyse how you can get away from distractions
3) Get to work and actually optimise the time being spent by setting the right habits and goals and focus on what really matters

Visit https://www.timecampus.com to know more.

Convint.ai PTE Ltd.

Co-Founder & CTO Oct 2021 - Mar 2023

We are building a conversational intelligence platform (chatbots) for the recruiting industry to ease the way candidates are interviewed and the way recruiters go about the entire hiring pipeline

Visit https://convint.ai to know more.


Freelance Product Consultant Dec 2021 - May 2022

Setting up Shipper for B2B/B2C procurement operations using Shopify. Helped them setup the store by working on their Shopify theme and relevant integrations like payment, language translation, shipping, bulk uploads, order tracking, product collections, search, etc. thereby setting up the end-end lifecycle

The business is no longer operational but you can have a look at the website at https://orderthemnow.com/


Freelance Product Consultant Mar 2022 - May 2022

Ramco Cements

Project Management and Full Stack Development Mar 2021 - Aug 2022

Working on building a headless CMS backed website for Ramco Cements based on Strapi, React, Postgres, TailwindCSS among other things

Visit https://alpha.ramcocements.in to have a look.


Freelance Product Consultant Feb 2021 - Present

Worked as a freelance product consultant with Branded on different projects.
Some of the projects I worked on include:

  • Research, Analysis and onboarding with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution like Brandfolder for managing the assets
  • Research, Analysis and onboarding with a Listing Tool like Sellbrite to manage our listings and product information across e-commerce channels
  • Working with Multi channel Inventory, 3PL & Supply chain tools and solutions like Skubana, Cartrover, Shipedge, etc. and coordinating with the different teams on Netsuite and Celigo related integrations
  • Getting the team onboard a support and contact center solution like Zendesk Suite, connecting it with ecommerce channels using ChannelReply, etc.
  • Research and analysis of Influencer Management tools like CreatorIQ, Mavrck, Upfluence, etc. for helping the team build an influencer marketing strategy for ecommerce channels
  • Helping the team manage their processes better with tools like Clickup
  • Research and Analysis of scraping tools like Octoparse, Parsehub, etc.
  • Working on mockups in relation to building Brand Analytics tools for managing all analytics and visibility internally
  • Help the team evaluate tools like Retool for managing the applications internally
  • Research and analysis of PIM solutions like Saleslayer to manage product information

The Guild Software

Freelance Open Sourcerer Jan 2021 - Present

Working as a freelance open sourcerer at The Guild Software contributing across The Guild Stack (https://the-guild.dev/open-source) on the GraphQL ecosystem

Ramco Systems

External Consultant Nov 2019 - Present

Consulting for Ramco on a Part-time basis to help them achieve organizational goals like Digital Transformation within the organization.

Senior System Analyst May 2019 - Oct 2019

Onboarded and lead a team of 17 in Ramco’s R&D division with my responsibility lying across Machine Learning, Microservices & DevOps.

System Analyst May 2018 - May 2019

Leading an R&D team which works on modernising various aspects of the product and its infrastructure. I work in NGT (Next Generation Technology) department which is responsible for developing strategies to adopt new technologies within the organisation to explore new opportunities and bring the overall cost of the organisation down. Also worked on interesting tech which includes bots, mobile apps (android & ios), material design, integrations which included products like Microsoft Teams, Evernote, Twilio, etc. Also started the practice of holding Meetups @ Ramco (a.k.a Ramco Nuthouse). You can find the website for the same here: https://thenuthouse.github.io

Analyst Programmer (NGT) Nov 2017 - Apr 2017

I work on the Next Generation Technology (NGT) Department, an R&D wing at Ramco, fostering innovation and dealing with cutting edge applications in the organization.

Analyst Programmer (HCM LABS) May 2016 - Apr 2017

I manage empsense (a product meant to drive employee engagement at organizations) and have been a part of JLT (A bot meant to drive HR related transactions via chat) apart from various other R&D activities and integrations.

Krios Technologies

Intern Jan 2013 - Apr 2013

Worked on the Mobile App & Web App and was able to get their already existing Knowledge Management Web App from Desktop to Mobile.

Tech Ahoy & Friendbus

Founder Jan 2011 - Present

This is my startup. I had worked on various things ranging from developing web apps to getting a magazine released.
I made a social networking platform trying to overcome Facebook's challenges which has now been opensourced and made available at Github. The product was shut down by me due to various mistakes I made in the course but it was a good learning process for me.
I try to keep myself occupied by working on new initiatives and products staying upto date.


I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, Zend Certified Engineer and have completed several other certifications. Please refer my linked in profile for more info on this.

Birla Institute of Technology

MTech. in Software systems Graduated August 2019

MTech. in Software Systems under the Work Integrated learning programme of BITS Pilani.

Manipal Institure Of Technology

B.E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Graduated Nov 2015

This was the part of my life where I started learning about myself in real.

My Stack



(with Buildkit)



Docker Compose





Web Components

(Lit Element, Lit HTML)



(Android, iOS, PWA)


Apollo Federation




(Github, Gitlab, Gogs, Gitea)


(Ubuntu, Lubuntu, CentOS)

Github Actions

Gitlab CI/CD

Google Cloud Platform




Helm Charts

Tailwind CSS


(EFK Stack)


(Dgraph GraphQL)



Prisma 2




(GCP, Gitlab providers)




Python 3

Scikit Learn



Material Design


Arango DB


Mongo DB




(ECMA 5, ECMA 6, ESNext)

MS Bot Framework

(Node.js SDK)

Apache Kafka





(With Ceph CSI on PVC)


(AES - Gateway, Ingress)





(With VirtualBox)





(Don't use it anymore)


Browser Extensions

(Chrome, Firefox)

Search Engine Optimization

Open Broadcaster Software




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If you would like to have a call with me, you can always book a slot at https://calendly.com/vignesh-burdenoff and we can catch up.

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Want to invite me as a speaker? Shoot me a mail at vignesh[at]burdenoff[dot]com and I will get back to you asap.